New Music a la Turk (or From Turkey)


It’s Turkish and Turkish-inflected music on this New Sounds, with many examples of traditional Turkish rhythms, melodies, and instruments.  Listen also to musicians who incorporate Turkish musicians, including a number of outfits from Canada.  Hear music from the Montreal-based Esmerine, a chamber rock band which includes the likes of Sarah Neufeld (of Arcade Fire), members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and a quartet of Turkish musicians. 

Then there’s music from the famed Mevlevi Dervishes, followed by music from the 21st century dervish Mercan Dede, who combines modern settings with Sufi-inspired material to set up an hypnotic otherworldly space.  Plus, music based on traditional Turkish folk tunes from Minor Empire, another Montreal-based group, built around singer/composer Ozgu Ozman and guitarist/composer/producer Ozan Boz.  And more.

PROGRAM # 3482, New Music a la Turk   (First aired on 6/21/2013)                                         





Dave Brubeck Quartet


Blue Rondo a la Turk, excerpt  [1:00]

Columbia Legacy #65122



Translator's Clos Part II (EDIT) [5:21]

Constellation Records
Due out Sept. 13, 2013

3 Mustaphas 3

Friends, Fiends and Fronds

Kac Kuzulu Ceylan [5:13]

Omnium OMM 2003
Available as an import at or as a download

Minor Empire

Second Nature

Keklik Daglarda Cagilar [3:53]



Yine Mi Çiçek [6:47]

Tzigane Music
or download from

Okay Temiz & Saffet Gundeger

Okay Temiz & Saffet Gundeger

Kabak Aga [5:02]

Organic Music OM 5 LP Urspar 1984. 
Out of print. 

Don Cherry

Live Ankara (1969)

Efeler (Turkish Folk Material) [2:23]

Universal Distribution 9013
Available as a rare import via 

Cengiz Özkan

World Routes - On The Road

Elif Dedim be Dedim, excerpt [1:3]

Nascent NASCE 001
Available at, or download from Emusic or iTunes

Various: Galata Mevlevi Dervishes

The Music of Islam Vol. 9: Mawlawiyah Music of the Whirling Dervishes, Turkey

Suite in Rast – conclusion [6:10]

Celestial Harmonies 13149

Mercan Dede Secret Tribe


Nar-i Mey [11:32] or available at