Favorites From The Studio: Bobby McFerrin, Jon Hopkins, Eleanor Friedberger, And More

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Bobby McFerrin performs in the Soundcheck studio.

In this episode: We spin some of our favorite recent performances recorded live in the Soundcheck studio. No matter your tastes, there's plenty of new music to fall in love with: Bobby McFerrin's latest gospel-infused Americana project; Alice Russell's neo-British soul; interpretations of Bach from Ben Verdery; Eleanor Friedberger's 1970's AM radio-influenced rockers; the politically-charged and gloriously noisy Japanther; and Jon Hopkins' stunning electronic tapestries.

Plus, we leave our hearts on the floor with some dance pop from Little Boots, and let Friday get a little funky with Brooklyn party band French Horn Rebellion.


Songs included in this episode:


Alice Russell, "Hard And Strong"

Alice Russell - Hard And Strong

Bobby McFerrin, "Joshua"

Bobby McFerrin - Joshua

Sam Amidon, "Short Life"

Sam Amidon - Short Life

Ben Verdery, Bach: Cello Suite No. 4 

Ben Verdery - Bach Cello Suite No. 4

Eleanor Friedberger, "Stare At The Sun"

Eleanor Friedberger - Stare At The Sun

Japanther, "Stolen Flowers"

Japanther - Stolen Flowers

Yellowbirds, "Young Men Of Promise"

Yellowbirds - Young Men Of Promise

Laura Stevenson, "Runner"

Laura Stevenson - Runner

Emily Wells, "Mama's Gonna Give You Love"

Emily Wells - Mama's Gonna Give You Love

Jon Hopkins, "Breathe This Air"

Jon Hopkins - Breathe This Air

Little Boots, "Broken Record"

Little Boots - Broken Record

French Horn Rebellion, "Friday Nights"

French Horn Rebellion - Friday Nights