End of Session Albany: Will Anything Get Done?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Albany legislators stayed late last night and are back this morning to conclude the session. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, New York State Senator (D-Westchester) and Democratic conference leader, discusses the work still to be done, including the disputed women's equality bills.


Andrea Stewart-Cousins

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jgarbuz wrote,
"to support the growing army of old codgers like myself."

jgarbuz, despite all of our differences, I really hope you'll be around for a long time still-- both on this earth as well as here on WNYC.

You're a colorful character and I enjoy reading your posts, especially when you tell of your personal experiences.

Jun. 21 2013 01:58 PM

jgarbuz wrote,
"Incidentally, ancient Jewish law is AGAINST abortion EXCEPT when the mother is in danger of dying during the pregnancy. The life (not health or wealth) of the mother supercedes only in that singular case."

Actually, if carrying the pregnancy to term would cause severe enough harm to the women's health, abortion may be permitted (if not /required). At least in the view of some of the halakhic decisors ('poskim').

As always, each individual case can only be decided by a competent halakhic authority who is familiar with all of the factors and circumstances.

Abortion for reasons of convenience or economic hardship is, of course, completely forbidden.

It is truly a disgrace and a tragedy that an overwhelming majority of (secular;non-observant) Jew seem to have always been at the forefront of promoting such culturally, morally depraved and corrosive causes as the radical abortion and buggery agendas. But it must be remembered that such individuals would probably better be described as 'people of Jewish ancestry' than 'Jews', as they are very far from /Judaism/.

(Please note that I am not castigating anyone, on a personal level, for being less-than observant or devout. I myself do not claim to always live-up to the very strict and rigorous standards demanded by the Torah and do would never claim to be an exemplar in this area. Rather, I am renouncing /views/, /positions/ and /public/ behavior of individuals who are in the /public eye/, dissociating them with /Judaism/. Very similar to the statements regarding Zionism that characterize many of my posts. "Never judge /Judaism/ by /Jews/".)

Jun. 21 2013 11:34 AM
Martin Chuzzlewit from Manhattan

As a pro-choice conservative (including late term abortions), it is nonetheless insulting how Brian and the Far Left think that they (and only they) define what is "anti-women." The lines that they alone draw (at least this week's lines...always moving farther out to the fringe) demarcate what is now "women's rights". Everything short of what THEY decree (and only they) is the voice of heresy and haters of women's health. Nonsense. There's a reason why 43 years later this issue is still an unresolved wound in our society. (Beware gay marriage and affirmative action.)

Brian , your arrogance astounds us.

Jun. 21 2013 11:01 AM

It's not only conservative/right-wing/religious types who oppose abortion.
is a site where you will find writings of leftists, "free thinkers", atheists, registered Democrats, etc., who oppose abortion on principle. In short, people who defy the simplistic stereotypes. (The very type of people you are unlikely to hear on this or any just about any other media outlet.)

"If you oppose militarism, the death penalty, and call for greater public attention to the plight of the poor, read on: you will be challenged to apply your principles consistently. If you are at home in the politi[c*]al Right, read on: you will see that the idea that human life should be protected in all its stages is one that transcends politics, and demands a response beyond legal protection."

"The language of the war lobby and the abortion lobby is from the same glossary of evasions..."

*Unfortunately, it seems that this site is no longer maintained. I had emailed to correct this obvious spelling error but received no response.

Jun. 21 2013 10:58 AM
Sredni Vashtar from the Shed Out Back

It was exhausting to listen to this interview. This politician clearly is not accustomed to the usual give-and-take of a normal conversation and just talks over people. With her mouth constantly running, I can't help thinking she's spouting canned talking points and not really listening to the other person.

Jun. 21 2013 10:47 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Yes, Brian, keep on pushing "abortion rights" and keep on killing millions of babies in the womb, and then complain about the slow economic growth rates, and why there is no one around, except illegal immigrants, to support the growing army of old codgers like myself. Just keep telling yourself.

Incidentally, ancient Jewish law is AGAINST abortion EXCEPT when the mother is in danger of dying during the pregnancy. The life (not health or wealth) of the mother supercedes only in that singular case.

Jun. 21 2013 10:41 AM
Nat from NYC

Will the anti-corruption bills, including campaign finance reform, be re-introduced next year?

Jun. 21 2013 10:33 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

How is the medical marijuana bill coming along?

And what's up with that stupid bill making annoying a police officer a felony?

Jun. 21 2013 10:08 AM
Ed from Larchmont

Governor Cuomo couldn't get his ridiculous abortion bill passed. So he made it point ten on a bill with nine things that benefit women, and said he wouldn't sign for those nine without the tenth. That failed. Now, instead of passing the nine beneficial things, he says that he will wait for an election year (which shows that his purpose was not women's benefit, but abortion expansion all along).

Jun. 21 2013 05:49 AM

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