Art Talk - Turrell at Guggenheim: Heroic or Disappointing?

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Get ready for a summer of light. Literally. 

James Turrell's light show at the Guggenheim Museum opens on Friday and it promises to be the art event of the summer.

And it will come with some debate. Art critic Deborah Solomon said it's "radiant and heroic." But fellow critic Lee Rosenbaum called it "disappointing."

"I love it because I think it re-attaches American art to large themes like nature, and the sky, and if you are someone who likes to look at sunsets, this is the sunset brought in-doors," said Solomon.

Rosenbaum responded with: "This one left me flat. The changing colors are beautiful, but it's almost like a discotheque," she said.

Art critics Lee Rosenbaum and Deborah Solomon in front of the Guggenheim museum

What do you think about the work of James Turrell? Leave a comment below, and click on the audio link above to listen to the whole interview with Solomon and Rosenbaum.