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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before he was a columnist for Slate and Governor of NYS, Eliot Spitzer cut his teeth fighting white-collar crime. So what does he make of AIG bonuses, CEO compensation, and other news of the day? Then, New York City is suing eight smoke shops on a tiny Indian reservation on Long Island for selling tax-free cigarettes. Also, Leslie Stahl and the editors of explain their “executive intern” program for mid-career switchers.

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Eliot Spitzer and Leslie Stahl

Citizen Spitzer

Eliot Spitzer, columnist for Slate and former Governor of New York, talks about AIG bonuses, CEO compensation, the NYS budget, and other matters of the day.

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A Stately Pleasure-Dome

WNYC reporter Bob Hennelly and Pro Publica's Michael Grabell tell the story of Xanadu, the long-delayed New Jersey development project that seems to have a new life.

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Cigarette Tax

Harry B. Wallace, chief of the Unkechaug Indian Nation, on the controversy over untaxed cigarette sales on reservations and what it's like to be an Indian chief in Long Island.

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Sticky State

What makes a state a "magnet" and what makes it "sticky"? D'Vera Cohn of the Pew Research Center discusses a surprising new survey that shows that just 19% of adult New Yorkers were born in another state.

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AIG Goes To Washington

Diane Brady of Business Week offers quick-reaction to the hearings taking place on Capitol Hill looking in to AIG bonuses and bailout money. What do you think? Should AIG pay the bonuses back? Comment below with your opinion: Heck Yes! Heck No! Why Bother...

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Interns with Experience

60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl and WOW CEO Joni Evans, discuss their new Executive Intern program for women looking to switch careers. Would you take an internship if it meant a shot at a new career? Comment below!

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Confession of a Sugar Scammer

Dana sent this post to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators. We can only hope she feels better getting the news off her chest, but we have to wonder: is it really helping anyone through this recession to save on sweetener?

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