NSA Surveillance as a Teachable Moment?

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What can we learn from the NSA's surveillance program? A lot, according to Chris Lawrence, senior director of the Mozilla Mentor Community. He calls the scandal's aftermath "a teachable moment."

In a recent blog post, he argues that the revelation that the federal government is collecting information on U.S. citizens from their online activity is an opening for educators, mentors and others to teach digital literacy in topics from censorship to commercial data tracking.

"There's large chunks of things people don't know about the web, how it works, what happens to their data, privacy," he told New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi. 

In response to PRISM, Mozilla has started an online campaign called Stop Watching Us, which is calling on Congress to reveal the full extent of the government's surveillance program.

Click play to hear New Tech City's full interview with Mozilla's Chris Lawrence.