No Deals Yet in Legislature, As End of Session Looms

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There are only four days left in the legislative session, and so far no agreements have been reached between Governor Cuomo and the state legislature on major issues.

Deals are often forged in the final days of the session, but Governor Cuomo has already admitted he might have to accept compromises on at least two of his top priorities — enacting public financing of political campaigns and an abortion rights provision in a multi-point women’s equality act.

The governor is also seeking permission to set up tax-free zones at public college campuses, and to site three new gambling casinos upstate.

Cuomo achieved the bulk of his agenda during his first two years in office, and said he still hopes to be as lucky this year. “The legislature has done good work before,” Cuomo said. “We’re just asking for them to do this year what they did last year.”

While the governor and lawmakers have not agreed on any end-of-session issues yet,  they have reached an accord on an item left over from the state budget — the legislature will restore $90 million of a $120 million cut in services to the disabled.