Bloomberg's Climate Plan Includes Elderly Database

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The climate resiliency plan Mayor Michael Bloomberg released last week includes a database to keep track of frail and elderly who are living on their own in order to assist them if needed.

Sasha Chavkin, a freelance reporter, discovered the proposals in the 438-page report and wrote about them for The New York World web site. He said they mark a shift in the city's thinking about these vulnerable population databases, which are already in use elsewhere.

"After Sandy, Joseph Bruno the head of the Office of Emergency Management, said it would be stale the moment it was created because people move and it would be out of date." Chavkin said. "Now, with this latest report it seems they have embraced the necessity of having all the data of vulnerable populations in one place."

The plan calls for two databases: one made up of information given voluntarily by any resident interested in keeping in contact with the city during emergencies, and the other one consolidating information from lists that city agencies currently maintain. The proposals do not go into detail into how exactly the information would be used and says there could be legal constraints.

Chavkin first reported on the registries for WNYC in January.