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Christie and Buono Share Dais, Not Pleasantries

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and State Senator Barbara Buono made their first joint appearance since winning their parties’ primaries last week.

In an annual tradition, the two candidates for governor spoke Wednesday evening at a dinner for business leaders called the Employer Legislative Committees.

But while State Senator Barbara Buono and Governor Chris Christie shared the dais, they didn’t seem to share any pleasantries. Buono lit into Christie, accusing him of taking cheap shots at teachers and called for more investment in education, infrastructure and the middle class.

Christie touted his efforts to restrain government bureaucracy, cut taxes and reign in pensions. He praised so-called "Christiecrats," Democrats who've crossed the aisle to support his policies, for their bipartisanship.

The governor got two standing ovations. Buono, who is trailing in polls, received only polite applause.