New Orleans on the Mind

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It’s been a tumultuous time at the New Sounds office.  In recent weeks, we sent off an intern to school in New Orleans, and welcomed a new summer intern.  Thanks to their help, the New Sounds Assistant, or the "staff" has had time to hoard things and perhaps consider sharing them with John Schaefer for New Sounds (or Soundcheck.)  Here are some things to get excited about that might not all be New Sounds material.

In the vein of a New Orleans party, here is "Big Talk" - newly released extras and outtakes from Red Baraat’s "Shruggy Ji" sessions, plus some remixes.  The staff cannot get enough of this band!  It’s Brooklyn Bhangra, via New Orleans brass band with a bit of ethiojazz and DC go-go thrown in.  


Plus, soprano sax used for good and not evil.  Also on the record is the studio version of “Baraat to Nowhere” which has the Knight Rider theme built in!  Check the live version and tell us you don't hear that: 


Red Baraat will be sharing a Central Park Summerstage bill with the staff's absolute most favorite band on the planet, Fanfare Ciocărlia, at 3PM on Sunday July 14.


So, here’s a chocolate and peanut butter story in that there has been much heavy rotation of the new Daft Punk record when the “staff” is away from the desk.  Our drummer/engineer friend (who plays in a New Orleans brass band, Smith & Ninth Ward) dropped by the desk recently to tell us about these other brass-playing friends of his who have worked up a Daft Punk set of covers in their Louisiana-based band.  Naturally Boing Boing got to this first, but have a listen all the same:

Since we appear to have New Orleans on the mind, when this jackpot of a funk record from Dumpstaphunk came across the desk, well…it warranted a mention. The staff knows that this is not even in the New Sounds ballpark. However, this heavy funk band has TWO bass players: Tony Hall & Nick Daniels III, Ivan Neville (B3 and clav) and his cousin Ian Neville on guitar, and Nikki Glaspie - a singing drummer. Guest appearances include New Orleans musical royalty Trombone Shorty, Art Neville, transplant Ani DiFranco, and they all make way for the Rebirth Brass Band.

It just made the day, between the inevitable bass-necking (body and neck are still, only the head moves two inches forward, then back in place, repeating in time) and admiring the musicianship.  PS - they play a free, all ages show in Madison Square Park here in New York on August 7. 


Free-associating with New Orleans and this thing they have there called Mardi Gras, perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to think about Carnivale in Brazil, the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup next year (and the qualifying matches - now!), and vuvuzelas. Which brings us to The Durian Brothers's track, "Angstbirne." 

This Dusseldorf-based trio makes mostly machine music heavy on the percussion and insistent whiny sirens. It's structured composition and playful improvisation which sounds like a really loud purring cat atop a head (see "Cat-fros") together with a World Cup match and the blaring vuvuzelas.


And an old New Sounds favorite, Tunng, has a new “sci-fi folk rock” record coming any day now. Try this tune – “So Far From Here,” featuring all manner of sounds from an aural palette that includes thumb piano, synth, and many kinds of percussion. Maybe we’ll share this one first, since it seems wrong to withhold from Schaefer one of the artists that he turned the staff on to in the first place. Stay tuned to see if this qualifies for New Sounds.