The Quest to Crack an Ancient Code

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New York Times reporter Margalit Fox tells a real-life intellectual detective story about how an ancient language on tablets unearthed in Crete was deciphered. In The Riddle of the Labyrinth: The Quest to Crack an Ancient Code, she paints portraits of three pivotal figures. English archeologist Arthur Evans who discovered a cache of ancient tablets; Michael Ventris, the brilliant amateur who deciphered the script but met with a sudden, mysterious death; and Alice Kober, the unsung heroine of the story whose painstaking work allowed Ventris to crack the code.


Margalit Fox

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Amy from Manhattan

I'm surprised that the clue Mr. Ventris used was the city name, although it made sense once Ms. Fox said it. I thought it was going to be numbers, & was hoping to hear there was a way to distinguish numbers from other text by the way they're used.

Jun. 13 2013 01:27 PM

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