NYC Deaths From Diabetes Doubled in Last 20 Years

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About 11 percent of New Yorkers who die have diabetes as a primary or secondary cause. That’s a proportion that’s nearly doubled over the last two decades.  

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says nearly 5,700 people died of diabetes-related causes in 2011. It’s a new high for a disease that has taken more and more lives each year.

Monday’s report comes out on the eve of the city’s return to the courtroom to appeal the soda size rule, which a lower court rejected in March.

City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said the report strengthens the city’s case.

“We know that sugary drinks are the largest single contributor to the obesity epidemic. We also know sugary drinks increase your risk of diabetes even independent of their effect on obesity,” Farley said.

To hear a full interview with Dr. Thomas Farley, click the link above.