Weekend Staff Picks: Punk, Egg Rolls & Egg Creams

New York treats available at the Eldridge Street Synagogue's Egg Roll & Egg Cream Festival

A mix of Chinese and Jewish cultures and a gay pride festival are some of the events the WNYC staff recommends for this weekend.

The annual Egg Rolls & Egg Creams Festival on Sunday is a culinary and cultural mash up presented by the Eldridge Street Synagogue in Chinatown. It's feet in two worlds for WNYC reporter Stephen Nessen, who's Jewish and lived in China for four years. "There's going to be klezmer music, Chinese opera and mahjong, which my grandmother played and my Chinese grandmother-in-law also plays." Although, we couldn't agree on the proper brand of chocolate syrup for an authentic egg cream -- U-Bet or Bosco.

New Jersey Public Radio managing editor, Nancy Solomon is planning to attend the 3rd annual North Jersey Gay Pride Festival in Memorial Park in Maplewood. She said it's been getting bigger and better every year. "They've got events all week long and they've been doing a lot of publicity and they've got great acts and there's stuff for kids to do."

If you are into punk music, there's a concert with several bands at The Acheron in Bushwick, Brooklyn. That's where you will find listener services associate Reed Dunlea. "You kind of get all the freaks from New York City get super rowdy for four hours in a room because they are sick of the things that are going on in the rest of their lives, so it's a good scene."

Comedy is always a favorite of listener services associate Amira Nader and especially if it includes blood and gore. "They are very definitely a unique blend of humor," said Nader of the comedy troupe Murderfist, which is performing on Saturday at the People's Improv Theater.