The Yankees and A-Rod's Contract

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Alex Rodriguez is on the bench recovering from an injury. But the Yankees third baseman’s time off the field could be extended.

ESPN is reporting that the MLB is close to closing a deal with the former owner of a South Florida anti-aging clinic, who is prepared to testify that A-Rod and 20 other players used performance-enhancing drugs. 

Rodriguez is facing a 100-game suspension if evidence shows he did use PEDs. This is the latest in a string of disappointments that have vexed the Yankees ever since they signed Rodriguez to a 10-year, $275 million contract in 2007.

New York Magazine Contributing Editor Will Leitch, also the senior editor of Sports on Earth, said the team has likely been looking for a way out of that contract.

But, he said, “this is not a league like the NFL where people can cancel contracts….that contract’s going to be pretty iron-clad.”

To listen to Host Amy Eddings’ full conversation with Will Leitch, click on the audio above.