Gov. Cuomo's Women's Equality Agenda Faces Uphill Battle

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Governor Cuomo released his long-awaited women's equality bill Tuesday. The bill, which includes an abortion rights provision, is a key part of Cuomo’s agenda, but he said he can’t guarantee the legislature will pass it. 

The governor unveiled the legislation on the same day that women's groups rallied in Albany. They heard from the actress Cynthia Nixon and senate democratic leader Andrea Steward Cousins. She said senate republicans and independent democrats should agree to put Cuomo's measure on the floor.

"I think we ought to do it and I hope that I'll find republican support in doing this," Cousins said.

Cuomo admits he does not have the votes yet for passage.

In addition to the abortion provision, the women's equality act mandates equal pay and strengthens protections for victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking. It also establishes a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. 

To hear Karen DeWitt's report, click the audio link above.