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Atlantic City Faces Tough Times

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Seven months after Sandy, tourism officials in Atlantic City are doing their best to dispel lingering misperceptions about damage to the city’s boardwalk.  They’re gearing up for what they hope will be a busy summer season, and they’re hopeful that by re-branding the city as more than just a gambling mecca, they might be able to turn around the six-year drop in tourist revenue.


But while the casinos are up and running, other parts of the city continue to struggle.  The flooding that took place in Atlantic City was less severe than many other parts of New Jersey, yet it was in some of the poorest areas, where twenty percent of people live in poverty.  While residents who work in the casinos desperately need visitors to return so they can continue getting paid, some worry that telling people ‘everything is fine’ paints the wrong picture of how the recovery is going in their neighborhoods.