Who Will Replace Senator Frank Lautenberg?

Governor Chris Christie will appoint a temporary replacement for the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. But what happens next is still up in the air.

Nancy Solomon, Managing Editor for WNYC's sister station New Jersey Public Radio, reports that nobody seems to completely understand what the law is. Because there is more than 70 days until the general election in November, the expectation is that the Senate seat will be put on the ballot at that time, but it is not clear whether their must be a special election beforehand as well. 

"The political parties and their lawyers are scrambling today," Solomon told WNYC's Amy Eddings. "Nobody can seem to give us a clear interpretation of the law and I've read the law and it's pretty confusing." 

How confusing? It's not clear whether Christie could choose to hold a special election that is not on Election Day this November.

For more on the politics surrounding Senator Frank Lautenberg's replacement, click the audio above.