6 Best of the Best Google Glass Parodies

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We thought about doing a round up of all the awesome Google Glass memes that are out there. Turns out, it’s been done. A lot. So we decided to go meta with a round up of the round ups. That’s right, it’s New Tech City’s Best of the Best Google Glass Parodies.

Gizmodo: The Five Funniest Google Glasses Parodies

Gizmodo came up with this list back in April 2012, and gets kudos for being early to the party. Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s version and admit that’s how you first pictured Google glasses.


Dashburst: 16 Funny Google Glass Comics and Parody Videos                                                                                                                               

Dashburst gets credit for the sheer breadth of its roundup – 16 parodies – and for going straight to the source: Google’s original launch video. Strand! Food Trucks! Ukuleles! Google glass shows us what New York looks like through the eyes of the Silicon Valley set. 


Huffington Post: 9 Best Google Glass Parodies

HuffPo asks Apple CEO Tim Cook whether Google Glass will take off. His response: People don’t wear glasses for fashion. Hmm.


Gadget Review: 7 of the Funniest Google Glass Parody Videos to Geek Out To


How Google Glass Ruins Relationships seems pretty plausible.


HonorableMention: This one of a toddler wearing Google Glass didn’t make any of our lists, but it’s too adorable to miss. Apple juice never looked so good.