Laura Marling 4

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Here's British songwriter Laura Marling singing insightful new songs about "the push and pull nature of the human psyche," as she describes it in the interview that accompanies this in-studio session. Laura returns for her fourth visit to Spinning On Air. Her first visit was in 2008 when she was just 17 years old and already a powerful, original songwriter and performer. Now she sings songs from her fourth album Once I Was an Eagle (Ribbon Music), a lengthy new collection of interrelated songs, and talks about the album's themes and narratives with host David Garland. Laura sings powerfully about love, frustration, aggression, and joy, and in this show continues her tradition of performing a brand new, unrecorded song for us.


Laura Marling "Suite: Take the Night Off, I Was an Eagle, You Know, Breath" on WNYC's Spinning On Air


Laura Marling plays her new song "Bleed Me Dry" on WNYC's Spinning On Air


Laura Marling "Little Bird" on WNYC's Spinning On Air