The Music of 'Arrested Development'; Hashtag Song Titles; James Hunter

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In this episode: One of the things that made the television show "Arrested Development" such a fan favorite is the recurring musical jokes and goofy songs. Now that the series is back, so is the music. We talks with the show’s composer David Schwartz about scoring the cult comedy.

Plus: A slew of artists recently decided to add the Twitter-ized "#" symbol to their song titles. Grantland writer Rembert Browne joins us to talk about the "hashtagization of the music industry” along with Billboard’s William Gruger, who recently wrote about the trend. And, New York Times' social media editor Lexi Mainland stops by to talk about how the "#" symbol evolved -- and how it's come to infiltrate our vocabularies and culture.

 And: Throwback British soul singer James Hunter joins us to perform a couple of tracks off of his latest album, Minute by Minute.