New Releases, May 2013


It's that time of the month again for the new releases show on New Sounds. John Schaefer carefully separates the wheat from the chaff for this show.  He'll sort through the stacks of new CDs, the strange Soundcloud free-associations, and the highly anticipated digital submissions which have come across his desk and into his inbox over the past month to present some of the finest new releases. He'll skim off the cream. He'll pick the lentils from the ashes. You get it.

PROGRAM # 3474, New Releases May 2013  (First aired on 5/31/2013)                                                   





Pat Metheny

Vol. 20 - Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels

Phanuel, excerpt [1:00]

Nonesuch 535352

Iva Bittova

Iva Bittova

Fragments: 12 [3:00]

ECM 2275

Yungchen Lhamo + Anton Batagov


Ungrateful Child [9:04]

Cantaloupe Music
due out June 25, 2013

Family Atlantica

Family Atlantica

Arena [4:24]

Soundway Records sndw042

Various Artists: Habib Koite

Festival au Desert Live from Timbuktu 2012, 12eme edition

Wari [5:27]

Clermont Music CLE2013001.01

Various Artists: Amanar

Efes [5:06]

Pat Metheny

Vol. 20 - Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels

Phanuel [10:55]

Nonesuch 535352

Joel Harrison 19

Infinite Possibility

Highway [8:52]

Sunnyside 1366