Your Oldest Gadgets

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We asked you what old devices you are still holding onto and why?

Many of you wrote in with praise for your old video game systems.

A listener from Dallas writes:

"I still have my Intellivision video game system, along with several games. I don't know why I keep it, maybe for sentimental reasons. It was fun and advanced when it came out."

A listener from Portland writes:

I have an original Nintendo Gameboy - purchased for me 20 years ago - it still functions perfectly despite many falls onto concrete and two drops into a toilet

And Ryan from California says:

"A nintento game system with the robotic operated buddie, and several atari game systems."

In addition to video games, there were also plenty of you who called and wrote in echoing the sentiments of Carlie from East Harlem:

"My still treasured outdated device is my Sony Walkman. It has this bright yellow sporty plastic exterior that I really believed projected to everyone around me that I was some sort of elite athlete, even though at the time I was using it to practice my musical theatre songs. And now, whenever I see it in the drawer I feel a little bit more cool."

A listener from South Carolina seconds that emotion, writing:

"I still have my Walkman...just in case I need to listen to my high school mixed tapes."

Of course, radio listeners also love their radios.

Steve in Texas writes:

"I have a pair of 1930s vacuum tube radios. one with an LP player-recorder. We used this growing up to play those cool golden book LPs. Anyway, there's my random technology for you.”

Another listener from Arlington writes:

"I have an old portable transistor radio that I carry around the house with me. I love the crackle between stations and how sometimes it's hard to get the station you want. I have all the latest devices, but couldn't go a day without my transistor radio. It just makes me happy."

And from Everett, Washington:

"My most outdated device is a digital clock radio alarm. It has been waking me in the mornings with rock and roll for my whole adult life. Now it awakens me to the sweet voice of John Hockenberry and the Takeaway."

A huge number of you can’t say goodbye to you record players.

A listener from South Carolina writes:

"My father's old turntable is my oldest device, but I wouldn't call it outdated. It has great audio quality and a deliberately more involved listening experience."

And this listener from Fort Worth writes:

"I have an early 1900's wind up victrolla with bakelight records. It was my great grandmothers."

Many of you proudly admit to still having 8-track players. And, of course, many of you out there don’t just listen to old gadgets, you watch them:

Nelson Reyes, from Miami says...

"I have my old twenty seven inch television. It's twenty seven inches wide and it's also twenty seven inches deep, but it still works like the first day I got it. It just seems like the technology today does not last as long as the technology of the past."

A listener from Florida writes:

"We still have a VHS player that my wife keeps hounding me to hook up."

A listener from Fort Worth ups the ante, saying:

"I still have an old Betamax video tape player."

For some of you, your old technology has nothing to do with entertainment.

A listener in Grand Prairie, Texas writes:

"I have an old X-ray reader and an electric typewriter. Both are at my office. I hadn't really thought about them until you asked the question."

Paul from New Jersey writes:

"I still have an Oster Blender from 1957 that I use, and a mechanical Citrus Squeezer from the same time, which is also in use."

We smiled when we get this note from Seattle:

"I have an original US Robotics Palm Pilot from the 90s, which still works. I'll use it until it leaves our plane of existence."

And perhaps oddest of all was the realization that a gadget less than a decade old can suddenly seem like ancient history.

A listener from Pittsburgh writes:

"My iPod is a 40 gig one with a hard drive and a black and white screen. I paid $400 for it in 2004. I keep it on a speaker dock in my office, to play music during patient visits. One young man saw it and commented on my "vintage" iPod. Hey, it still works. Why do I want a new one?"

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