Bernie Kerik, Disgraced Ex-Commish, Leaves Prison

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Bernard Kerik arrived home Tuesday in Franklin Lakes, N.J., after serving a three-year stint in a Maryland prison.

Kerik is known for the unusual feat of being the first New York City police commissioner to serve time—in his case, as federal prisoner No. 84888-054. That was after his conviction in a corruption case that created a bizarre and distasteful word pairing: 9/11 and “love nest.”

Kerik commandeered an apartment in Batter Park City that had been donated to help with recovery efforts at Ground Zero and instead used it to simultaneously conduct extramarital affairs with two women, one of them publisher Judith Regan.

And that was but one of his misdeeds. He pleaded guilty to eight felonies in 2009 after a judge described him as a “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance.” Nonetheless, these photos seem to show Kerik being warmly greeted by his family on Tuesday afternoon.