Christie Faces Climate Change Protest

Arrives in Asbury Park with President Obama to Jeers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 01:09 PM

Protesters want Governor Christie to formulate climate change plans for New Jersey (Sarah Gonzalez)

New Jerseyans protesting Chris Christie's climate change policies greeted the Governor as he appeared with President Barack Obama at the Asbury Park Convention Center Monday.

Some 30 climate change advocates held signs that told the governor to stop "denying climate change" as they chanted "No emergency plan, no Christie. No emergency plan, no second term."

This follows a WNYC report which documented several mistakes New Jersey Transit made getting ready for Sandy, and the Governor's refusal to say whether he is preparing New Jersey for climate change.

“Clearly climate change is real, so stop denying it," said Nicole Dellara,  one of the protestors.

"I live in Belmar, just today, I couldn’t even drive by Ocean Ave because it’s a complete mess.”

The protest was organized by the New Jersey Sierra Club. The group is calling on the governor to enact policies that combat climate change and they say Christie should learn from President Obama,  who has acknowledged the need to adapt for increasing severity of storms brought on by global warming.


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Mike Krajnc

I find it really amazing the ignorance that is thriving in society today. The fact of the matter is that there have always been bad storms and volatile weather throughout the entire history of the planet. To think that manmade global warming is causing it is completely absurd. Almost as absurd as when they tried blaming global cooling in the 70's. I implore anyone who reads this to go and do the research for yourself. You will soon realize that in fact the earth hasn't "warmed" for over 15 years! Please people lets take down these walls of ignorance that are keeping humanity from thriving in a free and open society and educate yourself on what is happening in the world around you.

May. 30 2013 01:18 PM
Eric F

And yet NY 'acknowledges' the climate change and suffered just as badly. Power was knocked out on Long Island for weeks. NYC will have its South Ferry subway station, just built for a half billion dollars, out of commission for years. I'm not sure what the 'acknowledgment' is supposed to do. It seems to me more akin to a ritualistic secular mantra that has no practical use. The region's susceptibility to coastal storms and hurricanes was well known before the climate change scare was ginned up. One highly useful thing the region could do is to augment roadway networks to aid in coastal evacuation, including by constructing a long-sought cross-sound tunnel or bridge between Long Island and Westchester. However, roadway building is anathema to those who use the climate scare to push pre-existing policy preferences, so we won't see any of that.

May. 29 2013 10:38 AM
Richard Schwartz

Kudos to the protesters.

I hope there will be many more challenging politicians who are climate deniers.

The Republican brand is very likely to suffer greatly as we have increasingly severe weather and people blame Republicans for blocking actions that could have made a difference.

It is essential that the US play a major role i addressing climate change, and that is very unlikely to happen if Republican politicians continue to be in denial.

Conservatives who have doubts related to climate change should visit the website of ConservAmerica (, formerly known as "Republicans for Environmental Protection, a conservative group that is concerned about climate change and other environmental issues.

May. 28 2013 08:24 PM

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