TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

On day one of NYC's bike share program, Elisabeth Yarbrough describes her plan to bike from West 4th Street to Whole Foods 20 blocks north.

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Your Bike Share Questions, Answered (link)

Parsing Chris Christie on Climate Change and Storms (link)

Transportation Nation Bike Advice Project (link)


Bike share is here.

First day stats: 6,050 trips by 5pm Monday, average trip duration was 20 minutes, 13,768 total miles traveled. (Citi Bike)

How the New Yorker marked the occasion: giving Citi Bike the cover. (link)

NYC DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan will talk about the program's first day on this morning's Brian Lehrer Show.

New York Daily News column from Denis Hamill: I hate bike lanes, but I like bike share -- mainly because I enjoy political discord.

Real estate agents are now using access to bike lanes -- and hopping on bikes themselves -- to sell houses. (Forbes)

Okay, we promise there is some non-bike news and here it is:

Star-Ledger editorial: NJ Governor Christie won't admit to failure to prepare for Hurricane Sandy -- even in the face of TN's reporting.

Germany's rail network is using drones to track down and catch graffiti sprayers. (The Independent)

A Missouri highway overpass partially collapsed when rail cars smashed into one of its support pillars. (AP)

California is tackling some thorny legal issues posed by driverless cars, like: "Should a blind man be allowed to operate a self-driving car? Will an 8-year-old be permitted to "drive" herself to school? Should the vehicles roll through all kinds of weather? Who will be at fault when a robotic car crashes?" (SacBee)

Plans are taking shape in the Twin Cities area to build a transit hub near Target Field. (Star-Tribune)

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