Bike Share Day 1; And a Transportation Road Rally

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NYC's bike share launched yesterday. Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC transportation commissioner, discusses the program and her vision for a bike-friendly NYC.

→ Plus: The first-ever thoroughly unscientific WNYC Transportation Road Rally.

We've picked a spot on the Lower East Side that provides a bit of a transportation dilemma, with options to bike, cab, or take the subway. WNYC's Jody Avirgan, Jim O'Grady, and Kate Hinds will leave from the corner of Clinton and E Broadway at the same time and try to get to the WNYC studios by cab, bike share, and subway (respectively). They'll report in along the way on their progress.

UPDATE: Jim O'Grady, on a bike share, wins! Jody Avirgan couldn't find a cab for five minutes and arrived second. Kate Hinds waited 15mins to transfer trains and arrived 10minutes after Jody. Read their reflections here.