Justice Sotomayor; Against Landmines; Primates and Humanism

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Today's show is a best-of, so we won't be taking any calls. But the comments page is always open!

We’re airing some of our favorite recent segments on this Memorial Day. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor talks about growing up in the Bronx and her path to the highest court. Then, we hear listeners respond to two questions inspired by Justice Sotomayor’s interview: first, is law school worth it? And who inspired you to see the world differently? Plus, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams on her activism against landmines; primatologist Frans de Waal on what animals can teach us about innate morality and therefore about religion; and a discussion about the intersection of art and science with performance artist Marina Abramović and two NYU neuroscientists.