Wooden Indian Burial Ground: Lip-Curling Psych Rock, In The Studio

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Wooden Indian Burial Ground performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Blind dates are known to occasionally get a little creepy, and today's Blind Date with the band Wooden Indian Burial Ground is no exception. The Portland-based band caught critics' attention last year with it's blissfully noisy psych-rock performance at last fall's CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. The New York Times pop music critic Jon Parales called the band's songs "euphoric dementia."

The band joins us to performs a few tracks from their self-titled album, and to explain some of the answers on their official Soundcheck Blind Date Questionnaire (which you can read, in full, below). 

Set List:

  • "I've Got Problems"
  • "Helicopter"
  • "Spazz Pony"

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