Tax Report Shows Bloomberg Acquired Properties, Collected Royalties Last Year

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Mayor Bloomberg owns 13 properties including two new lots he bought in Southampton last year. That's among the details gleaned from a specially prepared version of his 2012 personal tax forms.

His office makes the information available to reporters for two hours each year. Dollar amounts are replaced with letters. Those letters equate to a range of dollar values. The point is to provide some view of the financial life of the city's billionaire public servant without divulging details that could be used to hurt his private company and its employees.

Other details from the filing: The mayor has foreign accounts in Bermuda, London, Paris and Hong Kong and he pays income taxes on those accounts. He reported income for several positions and investment accounts. He's also still making a few thousand dollars in residuals from his appearances on the TV series Law and Order and in the film, The Adjustment Bureau.

The mayor's federal tax rate was nearly 35 percent. But that does not include the $370 million dollars he donated to charity last year, including the money distributed by his foundation.  That means the rate he actually paid was lower.

The mayor is not required to share his tax information.