Coast Check: The South Shore of Long Island

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George Remmer catches fish for the Snapper Inn in Oakdale and some restaurants on Fire Island.

On the South Shore of Long Island, damage from Sandy is still being repaired. But besides ruined docks and flooded homes and businesses, the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant dumped 2.2 billion gallons of raw and partially treated sewage into the Great South Bay, damaging it in ways not yet completely understood.

Construction to repair Sandy damage continues at The Snapper Inn in Oakdale, NY.


Richard Remmer run the Snapper Inn in Oakdale, NY. Since suffering serious damage during Sandy, sales are off by about $100,000.


The dunes at the National Seashore on Fire Island were washed back during Sandy.


Carl LoBue Sr. Marine Scientist at The Nature Conservancy fishing for weakfish in the Great South Bay off Fire Island. He caught a couple but not as many as George Remmer.


Richard Remmer holds a weakfish he just caught while his brother George reels another one in on the Great South Bay off Fire Island. Richard only caught one, but it was the biggest.


George Remmer caught two sea robins and threw them both back.


Destined for the dinner plate, a pile of weakfish and one bluefish were caught on George Remmer's boat Coaster.


Repairs to Sandy damage continued and construction was everywhere along the South Shore.