Anthony Weiner: I'm In Race for Mayor

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Anthony Weiner's run for a renaissance is officially on.

With a heavy appeal to the middle class, Anthony Weiner is re-entering political life, announcing a campaign for Mayor of the City of New York in a video released overnight on youtube (you can view it at the end of the post.)

The ex-congressman's career imploded in a rash of raunchy tweets two years ago.  But sliding in just inches ahead of June's deadline to start collecting signatures to get on the ballot, Weiner is jumping back into the political fray.

"I made some big mistakes and I know I let a lot of people down, but I also learned some tough lessons," he said in the video. "I'm running for mayor because I've been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it my entire life. And I hope I get a second chance." 

To underline that point, Weiner described his roots as a stick-ball playing, Mets-attending Brooklyn boy, son of a schoolteacher and a lawyer, growing up in Park Slope and attending PS 39. 

His video opens with a shot of his wife and son at the breakfast table, before segueing  campaign shots showing chatting with business owners and appearing at press conferences as a member of Congress.  Most of the characters look like what's known in political circles as " white ethnics" -- outer-borough denizens.  There are few minorities.

The video caps off with him sitting on the stoop of the limestone where he grew up in Park Slope with his wife, former State Department and Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin at his side. Weiner intones: "New York should be the middle class capital of the world, and I've got some ideas how to do it."

Weiner has already released a policy book, Keys to the City, much of it re-cycled from the 2009 campaign for Mayor, which he had planned to enter but never formally did. It includes ideas ranging from making big box stores "play by the rules" to encouraging employer incentives to bike to work to making it easier to remove "troublesome" kids from classrooms.

In Union Square Wednesday morning, voters seemed willing to give Weiner a new look, if they seemed vague on what he wants to do as Mayor.   "Everybody deserves a second chance," said Joe Villafane.  "Give him a shot, see what happens, he gotta redeem himself."

Steve Schwartz lives in Weiner’s former Congressional district in Forest Hills and said he doesn’t have much confidence in him as a politician, but “it’s a free country, and he hasn’t been convicted of anything, so he can do what he wants.”

The Democrat is jumping into a crowded field for September's primary, which already has five candidates. Another four are running on the GOP and Independence party lines.  Weiner is arriving with some significant advantages, including a $4.8 million campaign war chest, the possibility of more than $1 million more in public matching money, polls showing him ahead of all but one other Democrat - and no end of name recognition.

His entry coincided with a Quinnipiac College Poll showing him running second after City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, at 15 points to her 25.  Two other candidates, Former City Comptroller Bill Thompson and Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, are tied at ten percent.  Weiner, unlike other members of the field, has almost universal name recognition.

At a mayoral forum Wednesday morning, the other Democrats tried to sidle away from addressing how Weiner's candidacy would affect the race.

"I think that is going to be up to the people of the city of New York as they judge all of us," Thompson said.

"I agree with Billy," said Speaker Quinn. "That's not a question for any of us to answer, it's a question for the voters to answer. But what I think the voters are really concerned about is making sure that the next mayor isn't someone who's just going to make promises, is somebody who's got a record during their career in government or the private sector of actually delivering for New Yorkers."

John Liu echoed that it will be up to the voters and speaking as one himself one thing was certain, "I won't be voting for him."




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Comments [20]

Chris from NYC

If you would let you kids stay with him for a weekend then vote for him. I dont trust this pervert

Jul. 06 2013 02:04 PM
DT from Manhattan

Amy Eddings got goosebumps from Weiner's video?? REALLY? Everything about him and the video is completely fabricated. He'll say absolutely anything: he's the candidate for the middle-class when -- well, how long has it been now that he's a multi-millionaire? And, stickball?? What is he,70 years old? How about some journalist get out there and find just one single person who ever saw him play stick ball. Honestly, he has no shame.

May. 22 2013 05:27 PM
Ben from Brooklyn

I doubt I would vote for him, as I am uncertain about his judgement.

But I know I have 1000 times as many questions about the judgement of Christine Quinn, whose ethical misdeeds are far more germane to good governance. In a runoff between those two, I would probably donate to Weiner.

May. 22 2013 04:43 PM


May. 22 2013 02:55 PM

To all the puritans:

Go lock yourselves in your glass houses!!

May. 22 2013 02:54 PM


I'm in!!

GREAT news!!

May. 22 2013 02:52 PM

I always liked Weiner's politics, and I still do. He's one of the only people who dared suggest we should impeach Clarence Thomas. He promotes policies that are good for the middle class.

But the imperative is to defeat Christine Quinn, who's thoroughly corrupt, a sellout to the 1%, and a vindictive, vicious bully. The imperative is to stop Bloomberg's process of turning over New York City to the superwealthy and the massive corporations that are eating it alive and turning it unlivable for any but millionaires and those willing to be their underpaid servants.

DiBlasio is the most electable. His values are decent. I'm going with him.

May. 22 2013 12:45 PM
Michael from Manhattan

Weiner is horrible. I would never vote for him, he does not represent my interests.

May. 22 2013 12:31 PM
john from office

Anthony's Weiner

Tony's Boloney

Boloney tony

Shetland Tony

This is going to be a pun filled election, almost said erection.

May. 22 2013 12:27 PM

I believe that he would be an outstanding mayor. He has wanted to serve in this capacity forever. He was an excellent congressman. He has apologized and I forgive him.
This is not about him having no other path. He has established a successful consulting business and could continue with that, but instead he wishes to serve the city he loves. How can anyone disparage that.

May. 22 2013 12:02 PM
Gary from Upper Left Side

Here's a ditty I wrote inspired by the Oscar Mayer hotdog jingle:

I wish I were an Anthony Weiner
That's what I would truly love to be
Because if I were an Anthony Weiner
I could be the mayor of New York City

Oh, I wish I were an Anthony Weiner
That's what I would truly love to do
Because when I'm Mayor Weiner
I could tax the hell out of you

Oh boy! I wish I were an Anthony Weiner
That's what I would truly love to be
Because if taxes increases aren't enough
When I am Mayor Weiner, I'll tweet more naked photos of me!

May. 22 2013 11:43 AM
john from office

Just saw the you tube ad, pretty well done, comes across well. Hummmmm, am I being turned?

May. 22 2013 11:37 AM
john from office

Bobby, he is not a lawyer. The issue is not what he did, it is where he was and who he was when he did it. Also, ladies, he was married with an expecting wife at home, it says something about the man. ARROGANCE!

May. 22 2013 11:15 AM
Bobby L from Bronx

So, what has he done to correct his past mistakes... He enters the race because the election laws allow a candidate to hoard his donations for future endeavors. Who were his previous donors? 64 goals to accomplish if he is elected, very ambitious and very overstated. Will he be a example to others or a EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS!He is a lawyer.

May. 22 2013 11:01 AM
John from The Heights

I used to be a fan of Mr. Weiner, especially watching him take it to the Repugnants in Congress in a way that none of the other fainting lilly democrats ever dared. And I could really care less about his bad tweeting decisions. As someone else said, that's between him and his wife to handle. MY PROBLEM with Mr. Weiner's run for mayor is that he seems to be doing it because he simply has no idea what else to do with his life/career. That's not a good enough reason. I want someone that has a fire in the belly to run because, deep down, they really believe they could improve the city--a la Mayor Bloomberg--and they are the best person for the job.

May. 22 2013 10:59 AM
Truth & Beauty from Brooklyn

I think Mr. Weiner and Little Me need to take more time off. That disgusting episode has left a bit of a stink in the atmosphere which will need more time to clear.

Grow the freak up from nyc: Unfortunately, it was a) the kind of error in judgment we don't like to see in our elected officials, and b) not so private, if we all know about it.

May. 22 2013 10:38 AM
Grow the freak up from nyc

If he manages to bring that quintessential "fire in the belly" he's known for, into the race, I think he stands a chance. If he goes all, "nice guy" who's really sorry for what he did, but wants to run for mayor - he doesn't stand a snow flake's chance in hell against the machine that is Quinn.
Besides, what exactly does he have to apologize for? It was private and between consenting adults.
Grow the "freak" up NYC voters!

May. 22 2013 10:16 AM
Steve from NYC

He's a very good many who did an incredibly stupid thing. Some people will say he doesn't deserve to make amends or have a second chance. That's up to voters to decide. But if we insist that everything & everyone are completely black & white and reduced to a sound bite for discussion purposes, you'll get mediocrity across the board in the people voted into office. Winston Churchill drank a bottle of whiskey a day and FDR had more mistresses at any given time than you could count on one hand and yet they kept us from speaking German. But he's allow to throw his had into the ring.

May. 22 2013 09:44 AM
Lou Fucito

Anthony Weiner - please go away!

May. 22 2013 09:06 AM
john from office

Mr. Weiner benefits from the American concept of a second chance, or even a third. But, he fails to see that if not for his connections, by marriage, to powerful people, he would not be so successful in his life after his resignation. He calls himself a great capitalist, dripping with arrogance, not seeing that anyone can make money, with a powerful wife and friends like the Clintons. He needs to be more humble, but I doubt he has it in him.

May. 22 2013 08:06 AM

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