Obituary of the Day: Bernard Waber

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New York Times obituaries editor, Bill McDonald, discusses one person's life featured on today's obit page. Today's person: Bernard Waber, the children's-book author and illustrator.                               

From the Obituary of Bernard Waber

Mr. Waber introduced Lyle to readers in 1962 in “The House on East 88th Street,” in which Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Primm and their young son, Joshua, are startled — and eventually smitten — when they find a young crocodile in the bathroom of their new house. They take the animal in and, for the next four decades, Lyle would take readers on adventures filled with life lessons on acceptance, inclusion and the importance of enjoying the journey. The covers of the books sometimes suggested they were best suited for ages 4 to 8, but Mr. Waber’s understated wit appealed to plenty of parents.

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The obituary for physicist Heinrich Rohrer who "helped open the door to nanotechnology" is also featured today. His invention was used to make the world's tiniest stop-action film, "A Boy and His Atom":