Devastating Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma City

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A huge tornado tore through parts of Oklahoma City Monday, killing many and injuring 145. The tornado is said to have produced winds of 200 M.P.H. that leveled buildings and whole neighborhoods. Among the buildings damaged were two elementary schools, including the Plaza Towers Elementary School in the suburb of Moore, which was full of children at the time the tornado struck.

Rachel Hubbard is associate director at KOSU in Oklahoma. She talks to us live from her home in Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

Pastor Ben Glover is a minister at the Oakcrest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. The church is one of the facilities in the area that has opened its doors to the victims of the tornado. They provided shelter to roughly 20 victims last night.

Garrett Ingoglia is the vice president of emergency response at AmeriCares, a non-profit emergency response organization. He provides a sense of the emergency response in a situation like this.