Wise Words for New Grads, from Bob Woodruff

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It’s that time of year, when millions of students around the country sit in cap and gown, through speeches that are meant to inspire, but oftentimes, are simply forgotten.

Knowing this, what can a commencement speaker say that’s worthwhile?

How about this:

"I am fairly certain you won’t remember a thing I say. When I graduated from Colgate University in 1983, my graduation speaker was Ted Koppel, a prominent journalist from the ABC News show "Nightline." And I honestly cannot remember one thing he told us. Years later, when I had the chance to tell him that story, he told me that he couldn’t remember his graduation speaker, let alone what he had said at my ceremony.”

That’s how award-winning journalist Bob Woodruff opened his commencement speech to Boston College's class of 2012 last year. And his candor made his speech one of the most celebrated in the college's history.

Bob shares his thoughts on what he thinks makes for a good commencement speech, and why he’s not afraid to admit that most of them, including his own, won’t even be remembered.