The Cool War with China

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Noah Feldman looks at the future of U.S.-China relations, and how their coming power struggle will reshape the playing field for nations around the world. He argues that we’re entering an era of renewed global struggle: the era of Cool War—between the United States and China. In Cool War: The Future of Global Competition, Feldman depicts what he sees as a likely contest for dominance, alliances, and resources.


Noah Feldman

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Akinyele Brandley from Japan

It's cheaper to leave an "American World Order" in place, than to try to dismantle the "Order!"

Just read The World America Made by Robert Kagan!

May. 22 2013 01:50 AM
Simon Tschinkel from Manhattan

Lopate is such a stereotypical liberal media tool. He seriously asks the question if the US will remain a world power when "it has not been able to win either of the past two wars it has waged." First he seems to discount our actions in the Balkans and in Libya. Second, while the POLITICAL aims of the Iraq war can be debated, no one seriously doubts that we didn't steamroll over Hussain and the Taliban when it came to sheer military strength. When the US fails (and it does) it fails because of poor political leadership (Bush and Obama) and lack of will to see a mission through. Lopate doesn't realize our military is still far and away the most powerful and best force on Earth and this will only change if so called "progressives" starves the military in order to finance entitlements and bigger government.

May. 21 2013 01:54 PM
Amy from Manhattan

"The world is bipolar"? If you take that in the psychological sense, it could explain a lot!

May. 21 2013 01:50 PM

Interesting definitions of "rule of law" and "rule by law": I wonder if your guest thinks the treatment granted to the Big Banksters after the Great Meltdown, allowing them to come to settlements of micro amounts on the damages caused, the recent mortgage settlement which actually granted them the right to continue using illegal procedures to ensure and speed foreclosures would indicate that the USA is now approaching "rule BY law"?

Too Big To Fail has meant Too Big To Jail, and it is applied to many large concerns. Also, to many Very Important People.

From below, where I reside, it sure looks like two justice systems.

May. 21 2013 01:46 PM

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