Latest Security Plan for WTC Site Reduces Traffic and Parking

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The NYPD's latest plan for security measures at the World Trade Center site are out and open for public comment. The proposal would ring the 16-acre World Trade Center site with various security measures.

In addition to six guard booths, there will be several hydraulic Sally Ports, the secure gateways that already block traffic on Wall Street, which will also be operated by the police.

On site parking, which was initially estimated to accommodate 1,200-1,400 cars, will be reduced to about 500 underground parking spots. There will be 67 spots for tour buses.

Delivery vehicles and black cars that want to enter the site, will have to register to enter. All vehicles entering the site will undergo manual and mechanical inspections for dangerous materials. 

Authors of the proposal admit the increased security measures could disrupt, "established business routines and customer patterns."

Andy Morales, 41, of the Bronx, works near the site, where mass construction already limits vehicle traffic. He’s not worried about potential side effects of the plan.

“The truth is even today as we speak it’s a tough thing getting any kind of vehicle out here for that matter,” Morales said.

The project is funded by the Port Authority and the NYPD, and is open for public comment through May 22.

Daisy Rosario contributed reporting.