The Transportation Nation Bike Advice Project

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With bike share beginning in NYC, potentially thousands of people will be biking New York who haven't ever done so before. They need advice. Let's give them some. Listen to some tips -- and upload your own -- inside.

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Agree? Disagree? Surprised by that last one? Let us know.

Then record yourself giving one piece of advice to new cyclists in New York City and we might play it on the air on WNYC. Scroll down to see what everyone else said.

Upload your audio here. Or record it right now, on this page. 

To leave your own advice, think up what you want to say, (maybe practice once or twice) then plug in a mic to your computer, hit the "REC" button below in the box and start talking. (Smart phones work too.) Add a snappy title, include your name, and hit submit. That's it!



If you have another way to record, then just send us the file here.

Here's a sampling of what we've gotten so far. Which is your favorite?