#3299: Chamber Folk Pop

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For this New Sounds program, hear music that falls in the space between classical and pop, as well as in the small hollow between chamber music and folk.  There’s electronic chamber pop music by composer Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott) for yMusic, the versatile composer/performer collective, and some post-rock from the Arcade Fire’s multi-instrumentalist, Richard Reed Parry, in the guise of the  ensemble, Bell Orchestre.   We'll also expand the folk umbrella to include traditional instruments of Korea and Japan making chamber music.

Listen to the komungo, the traditional zither of Korea, actually four of them, on a recent recording from Geomungo Factory.  There’s also music for koto (Japanese zither) in a recording by David Bowie, from “Heroes.”  Also, hear ambient music from a record of meditations and dances for zither by Brian Eno & Laraaji.  And more.

PROGRAM # 3299 Chamber Folk Pop, (First aired on 2/7/2012)                                                 






Beautiful Mechanical

Son Lux (Ryan Lott): Beautiful Mechanical, excerpt [3:00]

New Amsterdam 032 www.newamsterdamrecords.com

Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi

Rabbit Rabbit Radio

Hush-Hush [6:49]


Son Lux

We Are Rising

Rising [4:30]

Anticon ABR0114

Bell Orchestre

As Seen Through Windows

Elephants [8:54]

Arts and Crafts A&C041

Lost in the Trees

A Church that Fits Our Needs

Ari Picker : Neither Here Nor There [5:34]

Anti 87168
Due out March 20, 2012
www.anti.com OR www.lostinthetrees.com

Geomungo Factory


Illang Ilang 9 [5:22]

Synnara / Dada Media

David Bowie (& Brian Eno)


Moss Garden [4:57]

Virgin #21908 Available at Amazon.com*

Brian Eno & Laraaji

Ambient 3: Day of Radiance

Dance #2 [8:04]

Editions EG #203 Amazon.com*