Responses: The Worst Boss You've Ever Had

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Actors Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey and Steve Carell of "The Office."
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It's the end of a television era tonight as the cast of the television series The Office bids farewell for the final time. Even if you don't work at Dunder Mifflin, everyone can relate to having a difficult boss.

"In 1998, I worked for a small company of about 100 people that was run by a man who that so conservative, the female employees were not allowed to wear pants. We had to wear skirts or dresses only, preferably suits. This was 1998, not 1898."

Michael from Eukaya, California says, "I had a boss once who didn't start out as my boss, she started out as a secretary and I helped her figure out how to buy a degree online and then she got a promotion and she became my boss, and then she convinced out boss that she could do my job better than me and she got me fired."

One listener from New Jersey says, "she claimed to have no complaints about my work, but told me daily that the president of the company was going to fire me & replace me with her brother."