Caroline, No?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Glenn Thrush, congressional reporter for Politico looks at who other than Caroline Kennedy is in the running for the NY Senate seat.


Glenn Thrush

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mc from Brooklyn

Prince from Hoboken (NJ not NY)
1.Maybe you should leave it up to New Yorkers
2.If that is how low the bar goes then why not Alec Baldwin, or Angelina Jolie or even Bruce Springsteen (oops! you need him he's from Jersey). Any of them has at least been politically engaged, something CK has studiously avoided until suddenly jumping on the Obamawagon.

Dec. 23 2008 11:13 AM
Prince R. from Hoboken

Caroline Kennedy is exactly what New York State needs! Who care about her family and their history, if anything her name helps the state.

This is a year for change. She would bring some fresh new ideas and the fact that she is not a politician makes her more palatable. Experience in politics only means corruption...isn't the ultimate goal of public office is to serve the best interest of the public? This doesn't mean EXPERIENCE has to be on your resume, just be articulate.

Dec. 22 2008 03:14 PM
Tex Montgomery from Brooklyn

Why not Alec Baldwin? hes frm LI, lives in Manhattan now, is a progressive Dem and can win in a re-election because of his Hollywood-ness.

Dec. 22 2008 02:28 PM
Levi from Brooklyn

Tish James is incapable of running her own 'hood, why would anyone nominate her to be the mouthpiece for the state of New York in the Senate?

Dec. 22 2008 02:26 PM
DAT from Nathan Straus Projects

I think the Caroline Kennedy would make
an excellent Senator.
Who was running the show when Hillary
was running for President?

If Caroline was interviewed by Brian Lehrer,
it would make for an interesting and informative session.

However, I do not like NY1 NEWS Dominic
Carter interviewing style.

Carter seems to attack people, pitbull style.

I turn the channel when Carter is on.

Brian seems to have a much better interviewing

Brian ask indepth, probing questions without
seeming to want his guest to place their
head on a chopping block, ala Dominic Carter.

Dec. 22 2008 01:22 PM
mc from Brooklyn

Th Truth,
Were you thinking that 6 months ago?

Dec. 22 2008 01:00 PM
The Truth from Atlanta/New York

Why is everything about race in this country? Sick of it.

Dec. 22 2008 12:45 PM
mc from Brooklyn

eva Chrysanthe ,
Right you are. I think Lisa was referring to a certain type of New England royalty that is often, however in the Kennedys' case WASP. The entitlement charge still applies.

Brilliant! I am a huge fan of LJ. I'm wondering, though if we really do need someone from outside the city.

Dec. 22 2008 12:39 PM
doug from Brooklyn

an African American woman?

Letitia James for Senate.

Dec. 22 2008 12:28 PM
Fuva from Harlem, NY

Caroline would become Senator without having ever been subject to a voting constituency. A PTA, neighborhood improvement association...nothing.

Dec. 22 2008 11:57 AM
Bob from ny

The Lib Dems are going to shove Caroline Kennedy down our throats. She stinks of fur coats, private back room phonecalls, and insider, inbred waspy money that ultimately serves her small circle. They do all this under the cover of "helping the little people and helping the blacks." It's vomitous.

Dec. 22 2008 11:56 AM
Alma from NYC

Patterson > Charles O Byrne > Kennedy Family

Gov needs to keep in mind what may appear as nepotism and also more bad publicity in connection with OByrne..

Dec. 22 2008 11:52 AM
Joe Hogan from NYC

I'd like to see Jeffery Sachs, the current chief of Columbia's Earth Institute, try his hand at being NY senator. He's smart, sensible, very decent in his morals, and a compelling leader. On the home front, nobody knows more about economic development, and he's got a real flair for sustainability too; he'd make every part of this state look good, not just the city and its nicer suburbs. In national affairs, he has ten times more policy (foreign or otherwise) than any other candidate, especially Kennedy. He also knows all the bigwigs, and thankfully, has a healthy dose of mistrust for them. Put him in Clinton's spot and watch NYC heal, just like Poland did in '89 with his help.

Dec. 22 2008 11:46 AM
ac from Harlem

agree with Robert...Weiner for Mayor.

Dec. 22 2008 11:45 AM
Lis from Edison, NJ

I think Hillary won't get through the confirmation process because of her husband's fundraising connections....she'll end up keeping her senate seat.

Dec. 22 2008 11:45 AM
ac from Harlem

re Nita Lowey upstate -- anything north of Manhattan in upstate...ha!

No on Caroline!


Dec. 22 2008 11:44 AM
Robert from NYC

God forbid Randy!!!

Dec. 22 2008 11:43 AM
Judith Targove from Highland Park, NJ

I'm just speculating: Is Caroline Kennedy a good choice for Gov. Patterson because he would be able to delay choosing whom to support until the re-election campaign in ? --is it 2009 or 2010 ?

Dec. 22 2008 11:41 AM
Robert from NYC


Dec. 22 2008 11:40 AM
Fernando from Jackson Heights, NY


Dec. 22 2008 11:39 AM
Fuva from Harlem, NY

Caroline is probably a dear. But her behavior underscores how much of an anti-democratic privilege appointment this would be. Which is why it shouldn't be. She would ascend to the high congressional chamber without having been vetted by the people, after not even wanting to answer questions from the people. And yet she would purport to "represent" us? PUHLEASE. Some aristocratic B.S. for sure...

Dec. 22 2008 11:38 AM
Jane Davenport from Manhattan

Carolyn Maloney is the most deserving, period! She would be great.

Dec. 22 2008 11:37 AM
Robert from NYC

Let's hope it's NOT Carolyn Baloney

Dec. 22 2008 11:37 AM
david from NYC

I belive Caroline Kennedy is trying to keep her camalot dynasty alive and she feels she is the last dinasaur to do so, she first went against Senator Hillary Clinton to block them from becoming the next american dynasty and take controll of the national democratic party now she wants her senate seat, so she can then block her from becoming president ever, maybe its her hopes to become president in 8 years.
I think she is to much of an introverted person to ever have the cojones to fight for NYC in the senate as Senator Clinton has the cojones to do. I dont see her as a stron figure.

Dec. 22 2008 11:35 AM
Joanne from Westchester

Andrew Cuomo would be a better choice. I'm hard-pressed to believe Kennedy really wants to fully embrace all the trappings that come with running for political office and being a Senator.

Dec. 22 2008 11:35 AM
The Truth from Atlanta/New York

No experience, No record...let her run, she can't do any worse than those with the experience and record have already done.

Dec. 22 2008 11:34 AM
Rich from NYC

Maurice Hinchey
Anthony Weiner
Michael Bloomberg

Dec. 22 2008 11:34 AM
O from Forest Hills

So Schumer repealed Glatt Spiegel. It is partly his fault we are in this mess than because we have removed all regulations.

Definitely don't bring her in. There have to be other people.

Aside from her political connections, she needs to get a better wardrobe and hair consultant. She looks like a raga muffin who has no sense of style or class. Has the money but not the class and style of Jackie or Audrey Hepburn.

Dec. 22 2008 11:34 AM
The Truth from Atlanta/New York

"Thanks to Obama????" naive comment

Dec. 22 2008 11:33 AM
Fernando from Jackson Heights, NY

I am opposed to Caroline Kennedy's possible appointment to the senate. Her appointment would reflect some sort of nepotism.

How about Councilwoman Nydia Velásquez who has the experience, drive and appeal for a great career in the senate??

Dec. 22 2008 11:33 AM
Robert from NYC

It's not that I don't want Kennedy, I like her personally and I'm sure she'd do her best to do the job. However, I wrote to the Governor and asked that he choose an African American female native New Yorker for the post. The sad part is that I do not know who fills that bill but I'm sure he would know women who can do the job. I frankly like his wife, Mrs. Paterson. But if it were to go to Caroline Kennedy i wouldn't be upset, just disappointed. I think it's time we got someone from the state and in particular an African American woman.

Dec. 22 2008 11:33 AM
JG from NYC

Alternatives? How about Jerrold Nadler? I'm sure he'd want it, and he'd be effective. How about Thomas Suozzi? Ditto. Neither is being discussed in the media as a potential senator.

Dec. 22 2008 11:33 AM
John from Garden City, NY

It might benefit the New York if the Governor were to appoint Sheldon Silver to the U.S. Senate. At least the assembly would have a chance to once again become a democratic (small "d") institution.

Dec. 22 2008 11:31 AM
michaelw from INWOOD

The Kennedys are not fit to serve this country any more.

Please this is a disgrace she is even considered.

thanks to Obama no one needs qualifications and experience to run for office.

Dec. 22 2008 11:30 AM
Allen from Troy

I'll repeat my question from the other day - where did Dr. Shirley Jackson's name come from? I see the Daily News has put her name in contention as well.

Everyone I know at RPI (where she is currently president) thinks she should be Senator. But mostly thats because she would no longer be institute president! Her tenure there has been marked by arrogance and ignorance. They just finished a boondoggle building project, are well under way with another, and just this month announced serious budget issues which they had known for a while - accompanied by staff layoffs.

So... Brian. Where did you hear she wanted to be Senator?

Dec. 22 2008 11:30 AM
O from Forest Hills

The Kennedys have bad luck. If she gets in, she will just get assassinated too. It's her choice.

I'd enjoy my money and live a quiet life and let someone with more experience take the Senate seat. She is only being considered because she is rich and connected, not for her qualifications or lack of.

Dec. 22 2008 11:25 AM

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