Micropolis: Mapping Love, Hate & Loss in Manhattan

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What's with this city, that we endlessly dissect it, glorify it, wonder how exactly we fit into it?

It's such a strange, narcissistic thing to do but it's kind of irresistible too. So the other day I went on a walk with Becky Cooper, the author of a new book, 'Mapping Manhattan,' and Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker, who wrote the introduction. 

'Mapping Manhattan' is a crowdsourcing project -- Becky handed out blank maps of Manhattan to regular New Yorkers, celebrities like Yoko Ono, people on Tumblr -- asking them all to fill in their memories of the city.

But it was also a great excuse to walk down Broadway and talk about our favorite town: how, for instance, the street grid system fosters acceptance of newcomers.

Listen to the Micropolis segment above. 

Or visit the "Mapping Manhattan" site to upload your own map.


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