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Submerged Seaside Heights Roller Coaster to Be Removed

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The partially submerged roller coaster in Seaside Heights, N.J., that has become the symbol of Sandy’s wrath along the Jersey Shore is finally being removed from its watery grave this week.

The Jet Star was one of three Casino Piers-operated rides on the pier that collapsed into the roiling sea during Sandy. Salvaging efforts were set to start in April, but poor weather conditions postponed them, Casino Piers spokeswoman Toby Wolf said.

“Once we have fully rebuilt Casino Pier it will be some sort of memorial or tribute to the storm and the resiliency of the Jersey Shore,” Wolf said.

Salvaging company Weeks Marine, Inc. has already assessed the amount of debris under the ocean by performing a special hydrographic survey, she said. The crew will arrive Tuesday morning to anchor a crane and begin removal – the entire process will take about 48 hours.