Open Phones: Rental Ad Glossary

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When a rental ad says "cozy apartment with laid back roommates" does that actually mean “closet for rent in apartment full of potheads?” Help us create a glossary to decipher rental ad language. In your search for decent affordable housing in New York, what have you learned about what certain language in the ads really means? We want your definitions based on your horror stories of misleading rental ads for all those people scouring Craigslist for decent place to live. Call 212-433-9692 or comment here. (h/t: We were inspired to talk about the world of misleading ads by the viral tumblr page "The Worst Room" - if you haven't seen it, you should!)

When "Cozy" Means Small: An NYC Apartment Ad Glossary

Here are some of our favorite submissions that came in on-air, online, and though social media. Keep posting yours in the comments section!

  • "Old-world" = Old.
  • "Cozy" = Small.
  • "Prefer someone who works during the day" = You should never be home. (caller Mary)
  • "Into community living" = I will drink your milk. (caller Mary)
  • "Clean and Quiet" = Control Freak. (usually) (caller Mary)
  • "Please provide pay-stubs" = No artists. (caller Mary)
  • "Much much more!" = There's nothing else. (Jenny on FB)
  • "Classic" = Old and uncomfortable in snotty neighborhood. (Rose on FB)
  • "Courtyard View" = View of the back of another building with small concrete enclosure below. (Tristan on FB)
  • "Loft Room Share" = You better be okay with hipster partying
  • "Luxurious Heating and Air Conditioning" = Working heat and a/c
  • "420 Friendly" = We smoke pot.
  • "I am a 32yr old professional, very clean and neat, very respectful of you and your space and extremely easy going. I cook great if you don't mind doing the dishes! I have a very friendly personality and get along with anyone. The place comes with: Free wi-fi, HDTV w/HBO, Landline and use of the place like it's yours (within reason of course)!" = "I'm a serial killer." (Sean on FB)