Spring Cleaning Made Easier


It’s spring, which means it’s time for cleaning.

There are some easy-to-follow tips to make the oft-dreaded seasonal task a little bit easier.

Jolie Kerr writes the column Ask a Clean Person for Deadspin and Jezebel. She suggests starting with a list, so you can prioritize the most important tasks. You can also simplify the cleaning process by getting rid of a lot of your cleaning products.

“The fewer products you have to clean, the better,” Kerr said. “There are a lot of great, all-natural cleaners out there. Vinegar works to clean just about everything.”

As for one of her most important tips: open up the windows.

“That feeling of having fresh air coming into your home is so wonderful, but it also makes you realize how stuffy things have been throughout the winter,” Kerr said. “If you can use that great feeling of the fresh air as motivation to freshen up other things in the home, that’s the greatest thing that I could suggest people do.”

Then when you’re done, you can go out and enjoy that nice weather.

Click on the audio above to listen to Jolie Kerr's interview with WNYC's Amy Eddings.