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D.C. Cycle Track Construction To Begin In August (link)

The Bay Bridge Will Learn its Fate Today (Link)


Cellphone use is a factor in far more fatal crashes than anyone realized, according to a new study. (Washington Post)

Did a government report commit "statistical malpractice" -- and fuel the crackdown on Chinatown buses? (Reason)

New York's food truck business: not all that profitable, actually. And: "The one group that clearly suffers from the current system โ€” the ticketed vendors โ€” are often poorly paid immigrants without legal status and virtually no power." (New York Times)

Broad Channel, Queens: the only place in New York City where it's legal to make a left turn on red. (Capital NY)

How did electric car company Tesla manage to turn a profit? By selling California Zero Emissions Vehicle Credits to other car companies. (Marketplace)

Salt Lake's City Council has endorsed a route for its new streetcar line. (Salt Lake Tribune)

NYC mayoral candidate -- and former MTA head -- Joe Lhota likened Port Authority police to "mall cops." (Newsday)

Coming up on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning: what New York can learn from Amsterdam's bike culture. (WNYC)

Almost everyone in Maine hates the idea of building a new east-west highway. (Bangor Daily News)