#3464: Gamelan-Inspired Music

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For this New Sounds, there’s pattern music with interlocking rhythms, either drawn from Indonesian gamelan - those metallic orchestras and court ensembles from the islands of Java and Bali- or from the parallel “systems” music of Steve Reich and others.  Listen to music  from harpist Zeena Parkins and her new band-semble, the Adorables, who combine a core of harp with percussion and electronics for something completely unexpected.  There’s also music from NYC-based Patrick Grant who serves his post-minimalism with a twist of Rock and Balinese gamelan. Plus, hear the Celtic-Balinese tapestry of Matthew Welch’s Blarvuster and film music (not Tubular Bells) from Mike Oldfield, and more.

PROGRAM # 3464, The Gamelan Influence (First aired on 5/6/13)                                                       





Sylvain Chauveau

Des Plumes a la Tete (Feathers in My Head)

Datebook [6:36]

dsa54084 /dsa 00022208
Download Only.  CD out of print.  Try eMusic.com

More details at: www.sylvainchauveau.com


Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant

Fields Amaze [8:35]

Available at www.cdbaby.com

Mike Oldfield

The Killing Fields Score

Evacuation  [4:59]

Virgin 86009
Out of print.  But try Amazon.com or auction sites. 

Zeena Parkins and The Adorables

The Adorables

Invented [5:22]

Cryptogramophone CG147

Matthew Welch’s Blarvuster


Canntaireachd Masolah I [6:23]

Tzadik 8077

Eberhard Schoener

Bali Agung

Nadi  [6:14]

Celestial Harmonies #002.
Info at www.eberhard-schoener.com. The album is long out of print.

Steve Reich and Musicians

Steve Reich Phases (5 CD set)

Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices & Organ

Nonesuch 79962