Open Phones: TMI for Parents on College Partying?

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Parents of kids about to go to college or parents with kids already in college, how much do you want to know about their partying? Call us up at 212-433-WNYC.

Parents with kids in college, talk to the parents who are about to send theirs off. What advice would you give them about how much to worry, how to much to ask about, and what guidance they should offer their departing college freshman? Maybe you've seen the story about thirteen people ending up in the hospital after binge drinking at Seton Hall University's Spring Fling. How much does that worry you when you think about your own college kid? Or maybe you heard that Wesleyan University alerted parents about the annual Tour De Franzia drinking-while-biking event. Is that too much information? Let us know what you think. 212-433-9692 or comment below.