Brooklyn Rider; Pulitzer Prize Winner Caroline Shaw; The Quest For Silence In A Noisy World

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Brooklyn Rider

In this episode: The string quartet Brooklyn Rider performs selections from their new album, A Walking Fire, in our studio.

Plus: We hear from a few more listeners about how they deal with noise in their day-to-day lives -- and, we bring you an excerpt from a recent BBC 4 radio series called "Noise: A Human History." In the final episode of the series, "The Search for Silence," Professor David Hendy of the University of Sussex explores how humans have attempted to manage and escape noise throughout the ages. 

Also: Two weeks ago, the New York violinist, vocalist and composer Caroline Shaw became the youngest person to win the Pulitzer Prize for music. She talks about her award-winning composition.

And: more from our occasional series That Was A Hit?!?