Help Us Find the Cost of Mammograms

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The Brian Lehrer Show is partnering with Clear Health Costs to add transparency to the cost of common medical items and procedures. We've already mapped the price of birth control pills, and now we're gathering data about the cost of mammograms. In particular, we want to know what the provider charges and what's paid by insurance. In those numbers lies a story of the true cost of health care today.

If you’ve paid cash for your mammogram, please enter the price the provider charged in the form. If you used insurance to pay for your mammogram, you will have received an explanation of benefits from your insurance company outlining the price charged by the provider, and the price paid by the insurance company. In that case, please enter the amount charged and the “negotiated price” or “insurance discount” as it appears on your explanation of benefits.

Note: The below form is tweetable, linkable, and embeddable on any site. We want to get the widest data set possible, so share widely!