Birth Control Costs; Forgoing a Mirror; Cultural Conflict; DSM Woes

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Birth Control Pills (flickr user Amber B McN)

The price of birth control pills depends on what pill you use and where you buy it. A new collaboration between WNYC and Clear Health Costs reveals some of these price disparities. Plus: what going without a mirror taught sociologist and author Kjerstin Gruys; how to get past culture clash; the problems with the DSM; and Franchesca Ramsey on social media etiquette.

Mapping The Cost of Birth Control Pills

Why do birth control pill prices vary so widely? The Brian Lehrer Show and Clear Health Costs are partnering to gather information -- and increase transparency -- about the cost of some common items and procedures. Check out the birth control cost map, and find out about the next project to report on the true cost of mammograms.

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John Liu's Former Associates Convicted

Two of NYC Comptroller John Liu's former campaign associates have been convicted of an illegal straw donor scheme to raise campaign funds for Liu's mayoral bid. WNYC reporter Brigid Bergin was in the courtroom throughout the two week trial. She discusses the convictions and what it means for John Liu's chances to become the next mayor of New York. 

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No Mirrors for A Whole Year

Kjerstin Gruys, Ph.D. candidate in the department of sociology at UCLA whose research focuses on the relationship between gender inequality and beauty standards and the author of Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body by Not Looking at It for a Year (Avery, 2013), spent a year relying on other people, not reflective surfaces, as her "mirrors" and describes what she learned about self-esteem and the influence of the beauty industry.

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Getting Past the Culture Clash

Hazel Rose Markus, behavioral science professor at Stanford University, founder and former director of Stanford's Research Institute for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and co-author (with Alana Conner) of Clash!: 8 Cultural Conflicts That Make Us Who We Are (Hudson Street Press, 2013) identifies eight hot button issues that divide us and offers advice for bridging the divide -- that boils down to independence vs. interdependence.

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DSM Woes

Gary Greenberg, psychotherapist and the author of Manufacturing Depression and now The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry (Blue Rider Press, 2013) offers his critique of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that defines mental illnesses.

Event at Book Court in Brooklyn on Monday, May 20th @ 7pm.


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What's Your Social Media Pet Peeve?

What makes someone great on Twitter? What makes someone...suck? Franchesca Ramsey, designer, blogger, comedian, offers her social media etiquette advice and talks about some of the biggest social media pet peeves.

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Doctor Reviewing Mammogram

Help Us Find the Cost of Mammograms

We want to know what the provider charges and what's paid by insurance. In those numbers lies a story of the true cost of health care today. Fill out the form and help increase transparency in the health care market.

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